Flexibility and retail market options

FLEXIGRID will develop and demonstrate a set of flexibility and retail market options for the distribution grid to allow cross-sectoral integration to unlock flexibility resources. The project will equip DSOs with advanced tools to enhance observability and controllability of distribution networks, while demonstrating and analysing new peer-based market solutions.

Energy Economics Lab is leading the work on grid services, market design, regulation and business models. This includes analysis on of barriers for adoption of innovative market designs, and an assessment of the existing policy framework and development of business models to allow for increased flexibility.


Project name


Time plan


Project coordinator

IMCG Sweden AB


IMCG Sweden AB, Eindhoven University of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, EMAX, SIVECO, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Akademiska Hus, ENERGO-PRO, Göteborg Energi AB, Technical University of Sofia, Osmangazi Electric Distribution Company, Smart Consulting, Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale, L’Energie de Sion-Région SA, and T4E

Funding from

Horizon 2020

Participants from Energy Economics Lab

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