Developing the electro-fuel concept

By controlling existing power-demanding processes and by introducing new, e.g. the electro-fuel concept, in the pulp and paper industry, renewable resources of intermittent electricity generation could potentially be maximized while CO2 sinks are formed, and the production of renewable substances is increased.


This project maps the possibilities of the pulp & paper industry to interact with the electricity market and analyzes how the electro-fuel concept could fit into the Swedish pulp & paper industry.


The study includes estimates of how much the electro-fuel concept could contribute with balance to the Swedish electrical power system and analysis of which electricity market conditions that are required for the investment to become profitable. It also includes a more detailed study on how the electro-fuel concept could be integrated into a typical modern pulp mill, and its impact on mass and energy balances.


Project name

Integration of the electro-fuel concept in pulp and paper industry for a future electricity system in balance and a sustainable energy system with minimal carbon foot print

Time plan


Project coordinator

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, BillerudKorsnäs, Nouryon, Södra Skogsägarna

Participants from Energy Economics Lab

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