Developing innovative active network management

ANM4L aims at demonstrating how innovative active network management (ANM) solutions can increase the integration of renewable energy sources (RES) in electricity distribution networks. ANM solutions will consider both management of active and reactive power to avoid overload situations, maintain voltages within limits, minimize the need of RES curtailment, and enable further RES uptake even when the theoretical design limit of the network has been reached.

Core research and development activities are the development of 1) active network management methods for local energy systems 2) business models to provide decision support for market players and 3) an integrated toolbox to support the planning and operation of the distribution system, considering the developed ANM methods and business models. The toolbox, methods and business models for ANM will be demonstrated in Sweden and Hungary. The project will also prepare solutions and recommendations for replication in other local and regional energy systems.

Energy Economics Lab is involved in many parts of the project, including coordination and project management, as well as developing decision support for investments and operation, through development of business case methods and models.


Project name

ANM4L – Active network management for local distribution grids

Time plan


Project coordinator

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, RWTH Aachen University, Lund University, E.ON Sweden, E.ON Hungary, E.ON Germany, Lumenaza, Borgholm Municipality.

Funding from

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

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