This is Energy Economics Lab

Energy Economics Lab is a center for research on energy markets and energy systems. We combine engineering and economics expertise in an interdisciplinary research environment to address market and business challenges related to the transition to a sustainable energy system. Energy Economics Lab is an initiative by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The challenges

Energy systems are constantly evolving, and we have entered a period of significant change. Rapid growth in electricity production from renewable and intermittent sources such as wind and solar power, a decentralization of the power system with more active end-users, new demand from electrical vehicles, and increased international integration are examples of factors that currently shape the energy landscape.

Energy markets must adapt and adjust to the ongoing changes. Regulatory frameworks and market structures can be both barriers and enablers for the transition. Finding smart energy market designs and regulations is therefore key for enabling an efficient and sustainable energy system.

Further, a new market environment means that established business models may no longer be viable, and new business opportunities emerge. Business ideas abound, but which ones will be financially sound, and under what circumstances?

Finally, with a wide range of possible future development paths, making the right investment decisions and policy choices is challenging. High-quality development scenarios and techno-economic system models are needed to make more informed decisions.

To meet these challenges and research needs, Energy Economics Lab delivers high-quality research and analysis to – and in cooperation with – a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

How we work

Energy Economics Lab manages and participates in research and innovation projects, with funding from the private sector as well as public and private research funding agencies. We aim to involve external partners in all our research projects and to work with organizations of all sizes across the industry. We have previously collaborated with small and large energy companies, regulators, academia, technology providers, grid operators and others. We work with Swedish, European and international partners.

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Our core capabilities

Market design & regulation

Analyzing the design and regulation of energy markets require a combination of practical domain knowledge, an understanding of the technologies involved and a well-equipped tool box for economic analysis and modeling. Energy Economics Lab combine these competences under one roof. As an independent research institute, we can provide objective and impartial research on regulations and market designs.

Business case evaluations

With detailed knowledge about electricity markets, strong quantitative analysis capabilities and technological expertise, Energy Economics Lab is uniquely positioned to provide financial evaluations of business cases involving new energy technologies and solutions.

System analysis & scenarios

The researchers behind Energy Economics Lab have many years of experience in building and using techno-economic models for simulating energy systems. This, in combination with methods for developing scenarios for future development paths, enables Energy Economics Lab to offer decision support tools for investors, policy makers and local utility stakeholders.



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